Amos Hoffman & Noam Lemish Quartet with Special Guest Paul McCandless

Amos Hoffman, guitar & oud

Noam Lemish, piano

Miles Wick, bass

Alex Aspinall, drums

with Special Guest Paul McCandless, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, bass Clarinet

The Amos Hoffman & Noam Lemish Quartet offers an inspired blend of jazz and Jewish folk melodies. For years, Amos and Noam have been collecting Jewish melodies from different parts of the world including Kurdish, Yemenite, Moroccan, Ladino, Russian and Israeli songs. The quartet's lyrical and vibrant reimaginings of beloved Jewish melodies have been captivating audiences all across North America.  For this concert in Healdsburg, the group will be joined by multi-instrumentalist and founding member of the American jazz group Oregon, Paul McCandless.

Their performance in Healdsburg will include selections from Pardes and from their forthcoming second album, Red Sky, slated to be released in fall 2024 with JOJO Records. Red Sky builds on the work presented in Pardes featuring fresh jazz arrangements to pieces that originate from Jewish communities in the Middle East and North Africa while at the same time showcasing brand new original compositions that integrate a varied and compelling musical landscape: from jazz and Brazilian grooves to klezmer infused odd meteres and Arab classical forms. The result is a joyous, uplifting celebration, texturally rich music, filled with groove, lyrical melodies and outstanding solos.

Hoffman and Lemish, both of whom have roots in Israel but have spent much of their adult life in North America, began collaborating in January 2016. Their work together started when Lemish, who grew up admiring Hoffman’s pioneering blend of jazz & middle-eastern influences invited Hoffman for a series of performances in Canada. The two musicians clicked on their initial tour and decided to launch the Pardes project. The pairing of their unique talents and backgrounds brings about this truly exciting project.

During a distinguished career spanning six decades, Paul McCandless has brought a soaring lyricism to his playing and composing that have been integral to the ensemble sound of two seminal world music bands, the Paul Winter Consort and the relentlessly innovative quartet, OREGON. A gifted multi-instrumentalist and composer, McCandless has specialized in a broad palette of both single and double reed instruments that reflect his grounding in both classical and jazz disciplines.

Since 2016, Hoffman and Lemish have performed together at an array of venues in both the US and Canada including in New York City, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Berkeley, Portland, Buffalo, Rochester, and Columbia (SC).

Their recent recording is entitled Pardes. The meaning of the word Pardes in Hebrew is “orchard” or “fruit garden”. The word also carries with it many layers of meaning in Jewish philosophy. Pardes is etymologically rooted in Farsi and is the origin of the word “paradise”. The songs presented in this project are both geographically diverse in origin and cover a wide-range of emotional terrain and sonic landscapes. The renditions are simultaneously faithful to the songs’ origins and rooted in the African-American and Afro-Caribbean musical traditions.

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