Jindabyne - Film

“Set in a mountainous corner of Australia, Ray Lawrence’s film starts with an ominous threat of violence before switching abruptly to what seems to be an everyday tale of marital difficulties. Stewart and Claire (Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney, both in top form) have never quite bounced back from a breakdown Claire suffered when their child was born. When Stewart and three buddies having various women troubles of their own escape on a fishing trip, a macabre discovery forces them to confront their individual demons with a terrifying and inescapable immediacy. Starting from Beatrix Christian’s adaptation of Raymond Carver’s story “So Little Water Close to Home,” Lawrence uses genre elements, much as he did in Lantana, to investigate the secrets and lies that corrode sexual relationships. And he discovers both horror and redemption in the powerful natural landscape.” — Telluride Film Festival (2006, 123min)