Why We Love Music – Concert/Lecture by Nolan Gasser


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Why We Love Music – Concert/Lecture by Nolan Gasser

Programmed by Gary McLaughlin

Newly added to Season 2022-23!

From Dr. Nolan Gasser, the musical mind behind Pandora Radio and the author of WHY YOU LIKE IT: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste comes a lively and music-filled discussion on why we all love music, what our musical taste says about us, and how empowering our musical taste can make us all healthier in mind, body, and spirit. The riveting, informative, and funny discussion is aesthetically enhanced with Dr. Gasser’s world-class piano performances in the rock, jazz, Broadway, classical, and world music genres.

About Dr. Nolan Gasser

Nolan speaks regularly on a variety of topics—related to musical taste, the science and culture of music, music and technology, etc. Nolan’s book, Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste has been called “a work of staggering erudition and breadth… a gateway to music’s exalted state” by The Economist; and praised as “One of those rare books that both geeks and casual listeners can enjoy” by The Washington Post. 

Nolan is also the subject of a documentary for the ESPN-FiveThirtyEight series, The Collectors, entitled “Breaking Music Down to Its Genes” (2015). The film highlights his work with Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital to pilot an “algorithm” to provide personalized musical therapy for cancer patients. Nolan’s TEDx talk, “Empowering Your Musical Taste” is available on YouTube. Dr. Gasser’s website.

THE 222 is a small intimate venue. All seats are very good and have a clear view.

Seating for this event will be club-style, open seating.


Event Details

Why We Love Music - Concert/Lecture with Nolan Gasser

Date: 04/14/2023

Start time: 19:00 PDT

End time: 20:30 PDT

Venue: THE 222

Directions: 222 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, California

Phone: 707.473.9152