“Accessible and thoughtful, lyrical and cerebral... Keberle and his bandmates weave their voices together with supple ease and understated grace to conjure a collective sound that embraces the listener while rewarding closer attention.”— Shaun Brady, Downbeat

Reverso, a trans-oceanic chamber jazz ensemble co-led by trombonist Ryan Keberle and pianist Frank Woeste, presents their original chamber jazz in concert. Reverso looks to bridge the divide between jazz and chamber music realized by an outstanding trio which also includes the acclaimed French cellist Vincent Courtois.

Keberle and Woeste show us that jazz and "classical" music have become even more intertwined in today's music world, since they began to intersect among Ravel and his contemporaries such as Satie, Stravinsky and Milhaud over 100 years earlier.

Reverso's repertoire features original compositions by Keberle and Woeste. They’ll be celebrating music from their upcoming new album inspired by Fauré, Harmonic Alchemy (OutNote Music) due out in November.

LISTEN / Reverso’s “Absinthe” at Le Triton in Paris

LISTEN /  Reverso’s “Up North”

About the Musicians

Ryan Keberle

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Frank Woeste

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Vincent Courtois

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