The Shop Around The Corner

“Close to perfection – one of the most beautifully acted and paced romantic comedies ever made in this country. It is set in the enclosed world of the people who work together in a small department store. Margaret Sullivan and James Stewart are the employees who bicker with each other, and in no other movie has this kind of love-hate been made so convincing. Their performances are full of grace notes; when you watch later James Stewart films, you may wonder what became of this other deft, sensitive pre-drawling Stewart. As for Sullivan, this is a peerless performance: she makes the shopgirl’s pretenses believable, lyrical and funny. The script by Samson Raphaelson is a free adaptation of a play by Nicolaus Lazlo, and though it’s all set in a Hollywood Budapest, the director, Ernst Lubitsch, sustains a faintly European tone.” – Pauline Kael.   The dazzling supporting cast includes Frank Morgan, Joseph Schildkraut, and Felix Bressart. (1940, 99 min)