Thom Butler

Development Director

Thom E Butler has been working in, and in conjunction with, non-profit arts, social justice and faith

based organizations for the past 50 years.

In 1977 Thom moved to San Francisco to attend seminary where he received an MDiv with

emphasis in Social Work. Subsequently he worked for the San Francisco Council of Churches where

he fell in love with the art of seeking and raising funds for programs in arts and social service

organizations and making connections with the people inspired by these programs. During this time

he also helped to develop a community based performing arts program for Dolores Street Church in

San Francisco at the heart of the Mission, Fillmore, and Castro districts. For the past 30 years Thom

has written and produced radio, film, theater, digital arts, and recording projects through his

company, SpeakLo Media.

Thom comes to The 222 with great excitement and engagement in the vision of what is happening in

this marvelous space of The Paul Mahder Gallery and at the opportunity to help build this new

creative arts organization in Sonoma County where he has lived for the past 30 years.