Experience the arts like never before @ 222 You had a peak experience at a performance? You were able to engage with the performers? You enjoyed a performance surrounded by beautiful art? You felt a performance really mattered? 222 Where You'll Experience the arts like never before 222 Experience the arts like never before @

What's going on at the 222

The 222 is a performing arts center in Healdsburg California with world-class events to be seen and heard in the areas of Jazz, film, poetry, choral music, classical music and other performing arts. It is located in the renowned Paul Mahder Gallery.

The 222's vision is to create outstanding experiences in the performing arts.

→Unique  multi-disciplinary performances and collaborations

→Moderated events for audience engagement

→Acclaimed artists, musicians, film makers, writers, performers and innovators of our day

Our 222 Team:

Eleanor Nichols

Film Program Director

Sanford Dole

Choral Program Director

John Strawn

Performing Arts Program Director

Paul Mahder


Gary McLaughlin

Classical Program Director

Jessica Felix

Jazz Program Director

Laurie Glover

Literary Arts Program Director

Jonathan Wind

Social Media Manager

Maggy Howe

Development Director

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