Frank Johnson

Singing has been at the center of Frank Johnson's musical life and career since his earliest years as an Oklahoma choir boy, through high school musicals to collegiate chorales, to fifty years as a musical and vocal director, conductor, composer/arranger, coach and accompanist in song recital, cabaret, dramatic theater, musical theater and opera. Degrees in piano and in composition from Carnegie-Mellon University, and in composition and music theory from the University of Pittsburgh launched Frank into a wide-ranging career in education, choral and religious work, symphony and chamber orchestra, dinner theater, dance theater, contemporary and classical music, with many opera and musical theater productions and performances throughout Western Pennsylvania and Ohio, in New York City and up and down the Eastern Seaboard. After playing as a member of the Pittsburgh Symphony, he founded a chamber orchestra and presenting organization, the Pittsburgh Philharmonia. Interested in further leadership roles, Frank served as General Manager of a chamber music and jazz festival in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and then General Director of an opera company in the Deep South.