KITKA: Wintersongs - Sumptuous seasonal harmonies from Eastern Europe

“Even God stops to listen when KITKA—unamplified, without sets, props, instruments, or even lyrics most people can understand—opens its collective mouth. The sound is so chillingly beautiful, by anyone's standards, that the entire audience sits enraptured, most of them with eyes shut. My own eyes flooded with tears.”
— Summer Burke, THE GUARDIAN

The women in Kitka are fearless sonic explorers, and you can hear their intrepid spirit in the lush, haunting harmonies, intricate ornamentation, angular rhythms, and powerful resonance in every song they share. For over four decades, this beloved Oakland-based ensemble has developed a vast, breathtaking repertoire of traditional music from Balkan, Baltic, Caucasus, and Slavic lands. Kitka has earned international recognition for their innovative approach to creating new music and theatrical projects that draw inspiration from the extended vocal techniques and ancient polyphonic practices rooted in these storied parts of the world. Traveling to rural communities throughout Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, they’ve gathered songs and communed with elders who are often the last links to centuries-old traditions.

Wintersongs is Kitka's critically-acclaimed and wildly popular December concert offering. For centuries, communities around the world have utilized the power of collective singing to summon warmth, cheer, and spiritual connection to sustain themselves through the challenges and uncertainties of the coldest and darkest season. Returning to the stage after nearly two years of pandemic separation, Kitka’s reunited voices will joyfully bestow musical blessings for health, hope, peace, good fortune, and the return of the light as the Winter Solstice and New Year draw near.

"Simply amazing harmonies…truly this is the most wonderful singing I have ever heard.”  – David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, and Nash

“KITKA’s songs are hauntingly beautiful, simple, yet otherworldly. The rich sound these women produce resonates as if energized by the universe itself, as if it were calling all live beings and still matter into togetherness and unity.”

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