Sol Flamenco LIVE at THE 222

Saturday, December 18 and Sunday, December 19. Each show begins at 7 p.m. / Doors open at 6:00 p.m. with wine available for purchase.

The passion and fire of Spain hits the stage in Healdsburg. An evening of lightning-fast footwork, haunting guitar rhythms, and soulful singing.

The show features a cast of artists who have lived and trained in Spain, the birthplace of flamenco: dancers Damien Alvarez and Joelle Gonçalves, flamenco guitarist Mark Taylor with special guest singer, Yuli Norish “La Yuli”. The group has been working together for many years and it shows in the dancers' precision footwork, emotionally haunting vocals, the guitarist’s bold accompaniment

Sol Flamenco is an electrifying evening of phenomenal music and dance that will carry you into a world of passion that is unique to flamenco” says Alexa Chipman in her 5-star review of the group, Imagination Lane Review San Francisco North Bay Theatre & Dance.

Artist bios:

Joelle Gonçalves began her flamenco dance journey with a local school in Santa Rosa, CA. and quickly developed as a promising dancer while she was earning her degree in Art History. In 2003 she traveled to Sevilla, Spain, to study with Jose Galvan and has returned to Spain several times since then to study with world famous artists such as Manuel Betanzos, Paky del Rio, and Pilar Ortega. She has also studied at The Institute for Spanish Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with visiting Spanish artists such as Antonio Granjeros and Angel Munoz, among others. Joelle is a founding member of Sol Flamenco and currently continues as the company’s Artistic Director. She has performed at such notable events as: Gloria Ferrer’s Catalan Festival, the Ashland Shakespeare Green Show, Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival, Willits Community Theatre, Pacheco Playhouse's "Andalucia to the Andes" and the Wine Country Film Festival.

She has received awards from the Sonoma Arts Council and in 2009 she received a personal letter from Cirque du Soleil talent scout, Guilio Scatola, requesting her audition (after seeing her perform at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts) for the production of Ka. Most recently she performed at the Yerbabuena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at an awards ceremony sponsored by KQED  that honored important members of the Latino community. During this time she was also featured in a commercial honoring the life of Betty Rodriguez, sponsored by KQED and Union Bank.

Joelle also teaches flamenco dance.

Damien Alvarez began dancing flamenco at the age of 9 with the famous Rosa Montoya of San Francisco. Since then, he has studeied with a variety of notable artists and has performed with many of the Bay Areas top flamenco companies. Damien is on fire! His passion is for Flamenco! The fire in his spirit compels him to dance. He is passionate to dance, to teach, to inspire and to perform. Grounded in classical flamenco and with a heart full of music his moves are versatile and integrates modern genres, to tease, to play, to encourage the vital heat of self expression of his own and to inspire his students. Damien offers ample opportunities for his students to perform regularly at his bi-monthly Toque Tercero flamenco show.

Yuli Norrish began her flamenco dance studies after seeing an  inspirational performance by La Tania in 1999. She further broadened her love of flamenco by expanding her studies to include flamenco singing as well as the flamenco box drum, el cajon. The study of singing combined with the playing of the Spanish drum brought her back to her original roots growing up, music.

She has studied with local and visiting artists from Spain, as well as local world class dancers; La Tania, Clara Rodriguez, and world class singers; Roberto Zamora and Jose Cortes. She has also collaborated with a variety of local artists, groups and organizations. Yuli currently directs troupe Matiz Flamenco and works as the Artistic Director of San Jose Nuevo Flamenco. She performs and teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mark Taylor studied flamenco guitar over a 15 year period in Granada, Sevilla, Jerez de la Frontera, and Madrid. He has performed as a soloist in Spain and the United States and appears regularly as a featured artist with the Sol Flamenco Dance Company and the San Francisco bay Areas Potaje Ensemble. He has also collaborated with Francisco Gaona’s stage productions of Romanceros Gitanos, Cante Jondo, and Cantares by Frederico Garcia Lorca and has accompanied Bay Area flamencos including La Tania Baile Flamenco.